Morrow Steel Erectors, Inc.

Building with the strength and experience of Union Ironworkers, Morrow Steel Erectors. Inc. has always provided its clients with the precision and professionalism in steel erection that only this Union can offer.

Whether the project is in the mines of the phosphate industry, a professional sports venue, a skyscraper, or a powerhouse, Morrow Steel’s craftsmen take great pride in being the driving force on the project; often leading the way, creating the very structure on which the remaining trades will work.

Morrow Steel’s ranks are filled with the most qualified personnel in the industry – from  seasoned supervision to journeymen connectors and certified welders.  No matter where the project is being erected, a strong ‘partnering’ relationship with Union Ironworkers allows Morrow Steel to provide qualified craftsmen in every position, who conduct themselves as professionals, and show others by example how to be both productive and safe.

As with the Fabrication Company, Morrow Steel Erectors has been certified by The American Insitute of Steel Construction for having the experience, the procedures and the personnel in place to erect a quality project - on time and on budget.