Morrow Steel Facilities

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Morrow Steel Equipment List

Band saws:

Hydmech V-25 ( Vertical band saw with a 25" cut horizontal and a 27" cut vertical )
Hydmech V-18 ( Vertical band saw with a 18" cut horizontal and a 21" cut vertical )
Accushear 1012 ( CNC Controlled back gauge plate shear with a cap of 1/2" @ 10'-0" )

Brake press:

Accupress 250 ( 250 ton CNC controlled Brake press w/10'-0" bed. Full line of dies for bending everything from stair pan gauge metal to 1/2" materials )

Iron workers:

Piranha PII-140 ( 140 ton dual station iron worker. A complete line up of standard & Alpha punches for any material with any hole size )
Piranha P90 ( 90 ton single station iron worker. A complete line of standard punches and attachments ) Scotchman 40 ( 40 ton single station iron worker used for misc & handrail parts )


FICEP Victory 11 ( CNC controlled single spindle drill. Full line of tools for drilling up to 44" materials @ 60'-0" with the extended bed )

Camber Machine:

Cambco 520 ( HD cambering up to 36" beams )

Material Handling:

Hydmech/HMH ( 320 lft of automated material handling conveyor including five transfer stations consisting of 3-5 transfer arms each rated at 23,000 lbs a pc. This system also includes a lift station integrated into our CNC drill line bed to allow material flow even while drilling and reduce slow crane operation for the drill line operator.)

Bridge Cranes:

(3) Deshazo 5 Ton ( Overhead bridge crane with a 5 ton cap.)
(1) Konecrane 3 Ton ( Overhead bridge crane with a 3 ton cap.)